Magic is Everywhere

300 years ago the Great Rupture sent magic pouring throughout the land of Toral. Now, that same power flows through everything in creation, living and non-living. This mana surge changed everyone and everything.

This means all characters have access to special magical abilities and can channel the magic in them into the world however they choose. You even have powerful magical items that grow and evolve as your character levels up.


A Story Focused Experience

Rupture is a fantasy TTRPG system with easy to learn rules that focuses on great story telling. We even reward you for immersing yourself in the action and amazing descriptions that add to the story.

To take action, players will be using a 12 sided die, but the most important tool is your creativity. The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination.

Play Now and Create Your Story

Unique Species

Along with many of the species you would expect in a fantasy TTRPG, Rupture introduces several unique species that allow you to explore and express your creativity in personal ways. Every species in the land of Toral has a rich history, special abilities that give them a unique advantage, and their own way of adapting to the flow of mana in their veins.

From the genderless S’skra to the Stoneborn who emerge from a mountainside, you are sure to find a species that helps you create a memorable story.

A Customizable Experience

Rupture is built to be easily customizable. We guide players on creating their own items, spells, backgrounds, and other personal traits so each character is unique.

We have provided the framework you need to play right away, including a rich lore and history to build on. We made sure there is plenty of room to grow the world and guide you creating your mark as well.

Your experience playing Rupture should be as unique as you are. We have included in our Narrator’s Guide lots of helpful world building advice so you can create the world you and your group want. 

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