Becoming a Real Business

Full Business Status

From DruidLox working on a custom system with his friends, to picking me up years later, to adding and removing various team members over the last couple of years, to now: Rupture is now being published under our TTRPG game design company, StoryCraft! Just this week we became an official business, with a full team of employees. Super exciting! Mostly for us though, so lets get to some fun stuff for everyone else!

Game Design

While our new editor cleans up the main rule book, Narrator Guide, and Bestiary we have not been idle. The starter box has just entered its rough draft phase and is being picked apart and cleaned up by the team. We are turning our attention to the bonus content that gets added on in higher support tiers. I’ll be designing and implementing about 2 dozen new classes, so if you like lots of options save up now so you can snag a higher tier!

New Collaborations

The longer we go and the more we integrate into the wider TTRPG world the more people we run into and share ideas with. Some of these result in collaboration. I can’t mention many of them yet but we are making lots of new friends and setting up some stuff that should be beneficial to all parties, including our awesome community! 

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