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The Heaven's Curse Adventure

Your party has been asked to investigate the mysterious symbols appearing all over the city of Middleton that have been alarming citizens and increasing tensions throughout the city. Investigating, your party will uncover ancient secrets of the magical land of Toral, and unlock two exclusive playable character classes, the Moon Born and the Sun Born.

The Moon Born

The Moon Born, those born at exactly midnight, are charming, quick, and very social. They often slip into other roles subtly and are good at keeping their gifts hidden. They rarely stay in one role very long though, and have a propensity to travel to new places and seek new experiences. Their auras protect those around them, even if they aren’t aware of it.

The Sun Born

Rupture RPG Skra Druid

The Sun Born, those born at exactly noon, are stalwart and wise. They are drawn to discovering how things work and perfecting complex systems. They let their deeds and works speak for themselves and rarely accept praise for their accomplishments. Their auras give those around them bursts of strength and help them succeed at their own complex tasks.