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The Land of Toral

300 years ago the Great Rupture sent magic pouring throughout the land of Toral. Now, that same power flows through everything in creation, living and non-living. This mana surge changed everyone and everything. For the last 120 years, the Human kingdom of Thoria and the Orcish kingdom of Gul’Tak have controlled the Toralian empire based on an always shaky treaty and union. Most of the other species in Toral know that it would take one spark to set the two powers at war with each other again. Still, for now, there is peace.

The land of Toral is now full of species who learn to harness their inner magic in unique ways.  Those who do, find access to hidden abilities. Those who don’t may become mana torn and lose their will to the mana flow itself. How will you use the great magical power that was a strange gift from the Rupture?

In Toral you will find many species with unique traits. For example, the S’skra who are neither male nor female, and the Stoneborn, who emerge from a mountainside fully grown. There are also unique twists on familiar species, such as the peaceful Ogre farmers, and the Trolls who are always loyal friends.

However you choose to explore Toral, you are sure to find magical wonders that enchant and fascinate you.

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The Game

Easy to Learn Rules

The rules of Rupture are very simple. To take action in the story you are creating, most of the time you will roll a 12 sided die and add that to your character’s ranks in skills and basic attributes. The most important piece to that is the creative flavor you add to your actions. Get immersed in the action and you will create cherished memories while playing Rupture.

Story and Imagination

You are working with a group of friends to create an amazing story. One of you will be the narrator, and the others will be characters in the story. Having fun creating a great story is the most important part of Rupture. So, let your imagination fly and create a great tale together. To help you, we’ve even included bonuses for adding your unique creativity to the joint narrative.

Everyone is Welcome

Rupture is simple for new players to grasp and dive into, but also offers enough layers of content to keep seasoned TTRPG players engaged. We also built Rupture to be an experience that welcomes any type of player and allows them to make the game one they would enjoy no matter their individual preferences.

Lots of Creative inspiration

We help you dive into your own creativity with unique tools that start the story long before the game begins. For example, Rupture’s background generator helps you create a deep and compelling back story that brings your character to life and helps you embrace your character’s uniqueness as you are preparing to play.

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