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Rupture is a classic fantasy style TTRPG with a fresh and unique take on the genre. Focusing on story over rules, it’s designed to be simple enough so players can easily pick it up, become familiar with the mechanics while being encouraged and guided to tell compelling stories.

  • A d12 focused system.
  • Easy to follow rules that anyone can follow.
  • Rewards players with immersion bonuses for telling engaging stories. 
  • Combat is easy and promotes a more social and story-driven experience.
  • Very player centric allowing players to use legacy items.
  • Offers a variety of familiar and unique species. 
  • Uses a “magic for all” approach allowing spellcasters to create effects and custom magic items.

About the Developers

Storycraft Games strives to create environments for players to become fully immersed in worlds by empowering players to express themselves freely and tell engaging stories.

Through this focus, Storycraft Games aims to provide players with more than just a fun and rewarding time, but a means promote creativity and positive mental health through active story-telling. 

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Reviews and Testimonials

“This game has been great for a story driven play style. It was very easy to pick up the mechanics and has all my favourite parts of the ttrpg experience, in one package.”

– Tyson O’Connell

“Rupture has me wishing it was around a lot sooner! With magic coursing through the very veins of all my characters as well as the world around me it’s a blast customizing them with out the restraint of other systems. That paired with simple to use Narrator reference tables for creatures and Npc’s alike I can keep the story moving without skipping a beat.”

– Chad Poulsen

My favorite part of Rupture is its unique way to create your character. After choosing a species and class, you then use Ruptures unique system to randomly generate your characters backstory with broad strokes which you’ll fill in later. This method puts you on a path for your character creation but still gives you the freedom to make a character you want to play. 

I have recommended this to a few friends that are more into the role-playing aspect of TTRPGs as Rupture really focuses on that aspect, not to mention the mechanics are simple making the game accessible to people new to TTRPGs and people who have been playing them for years. I have really enjoyed my time playing the game and cannot wait to start up additional play groups to play Rupture with.

– Evan D. Moore

The character creation process is unlike anything that I have ever seen before. You’re able to develop fleshed out characters much faster and easier, which means having more depth of play.

Having legacy items which can complement your character adds even more depth, which is a cool new facet. Rupture is amazing, I am definitely glad that I found this game.

– N Mudd

“There is a lot of creative freedom in the character construction and interaction. It’s also quite easy to play and understand the rules. You really can be anything you want.

– Manouk Glasius

The Rupture Team

Daryl Shaun Price – Founder/World Builder

Hayley Elliot – Business Director

Kenny Francis – Lead Designer

George Kelly – Digital Media Producer

Lyssa Beck – Public Relations Director

Andrew Pappas – Marketing Director

Daniel Verastegui – Game Designer

Amanda Lee – Play Tester

Adam Cheis – Play Tester

Melissa Pomero – Play Tester