Starter Boxes and Rupture Team Game

Designing a Starter Box

Over the course of playtesting with our amazing groups we have realized that many players could benefit from having a starter box that would take them through the rules, and if needed, introduce them to roleplaying.

We have teamed up with the amazing people at RPG Research, who have studied TTRPGs and their connection to mental health. They have a great research paper on the best way to teach new concepts to individuals and we are taking their lessons and applying it to our starter box. We are still discussing the best way to distribute the starter box, and frankly we are still building it, but that is something exciting coming down the pipeline!

I am also going to throw a link to RPG Research and their website so that we can help support them and their awesome work!

A Rather Thorian Teamup

To thank a couple of our partners who have been helping us since even before the playtest began we had our artists throw together some artwork for their characters. Conveniently the team is a human and an orc, which is very Thorian themed. 

Rupture Team Full Game

So DruidLox pointed out that we have lots of test games and trial games, but no demo games. So the Rupture Team is getting together and bringing a weekly game that should be equal parts entertaining and chaotic. All of us experienced role-players and game designers are going to be together in 1 game. The question is who is in more danger: the players or the Narrator?

We start our stream of this crazy game on August 4, 2021, 8 PM CST over on

We hope to see your there!

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