Meet the Creators

Hayley Elliott

Business Director

Hayley has been a creative performer most of her life and loves being part of creative teams. Having owned and operated several of her own businesses, she is a master at organizing resources, creating productive work environments, and keeping tasks on track for any project. Hayley also loves connecting with new people and is a natural born community leader. She knows how to make sure others feel welcome in any experience and brings that passion to the Rupture project.

Daryl Shaun Price

Founder/World Builder

Daryl has been creating stories and worlds since he was a child. He created Rupture so that players could have a truly inclusive story driven fantasy TTRPG. Daryl loves any thing mystical and magical and weaves mysterious lore into all of his writing in and out of Rupture. He believes that creative games are meant to be enjoyed by any one with a desire to play imaginatively. So, whoever you are, you are welcome at Daryl’s table.

Kenny Francis

Lead Designer

Mix a love fantasy gaming, a flair for the dramatic, and organization and design skills from my Computer Networking degree and it’s the perfect recipe for building a TTRPG. I have spent 6 years on both sides of the table as a player and as a Narrator(GM) and love home brewing and creating new worlds. When I am not building TTRPGs I can be found reading, watching shows online, gaming, and designing and building physical stuff. 

George Kelly

Digital Media Producer

George is an avid gamer, writer, and storyteller. As host of the RPG Blender, he works to create content introducing people to other games in a world dominated by Dungeons and Dragons. For him, reading a new rulebook is the ideal stress reliever. When not doing the above, or ensuring his son develops a similar gaming addiction, he performs at a local theater.

Lyssa Beck

Public Relations Director

Sharp, bubbly, and socially active Lyssa is a natural connector. Lyssa attended Oglethorpe University from 2010-2015 for Communications and tapped into her New Media and Marketing skills for business and pleasure. She is also the co-host of the Two Geek Girls podcast as well as a frequent guest on other shows throughout the TTRPG world.

Andrew Pappas

Marketing Director

Andrew has always had a passion for empowering and educating indie game creators encouraging them to understand the importance of an empathetic approach when building their communities. He loves spending time with his wife and his three fun and rambunctious children, and occasionally… finds some time to play games himself.

Daniel Verastegui

Game Designer

Danny has been a gamer since he was 6 years old and loves the TTRPG genre. He has a desire to see everyone in his life succeed in all they do, and if there is anything he can do to help those people in his life, he will. Danny loves art and imagination and is passionate about media design. He has traveled throughout the US and feels like the world has so much more to offer still. His highest hope is that at the end most people can say about him, ”You have been, and always shall be, my friend.”

Jason Barton


Jason is outgoing, charismatic, and we’ll versed in the culture and network of the TTRPG community. He also runs the entertainment network Vampiric Touch Entertainment with many other wonderful talented team members. He loves to speak on history and learn from it. He is committed to producing a better, more inclusive gaming environment. His compassion for others and great eye for detail allow him to put himself in the players’ shoes and create the experience they would love most.

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