The World of Rupture

300 years ago the Great Rupture sent magic pouring throughout the land of Toral. Now that same power flows through everything in creation, living and non-living. This mana surge changed everyone and everything.

Unique Character Species

In the land of Toral choose between 17 species for your character. Each species has special characteristics that make it easy for you to create the character you want to play, including species that are naturally gender fluid or non-gendered. With magic flowing through everything in creation, you also get unique special abilities that enhance who you choose to be.

Rupturerpg - Ship scene

Rich Lore

From the Toralian empire to the free regions scattered through out the land of Toral, there are endless places for you to explore. Whatever setting you want to adventure in, you can find it somewhere in the land of Toral. Come explore the lands of Toral and discover fantastic cultures and unique locations that feed your imagination.

Rupture RPG Skra Druid

Magical Abilities

In a land where magic flows through all beings, you have access to magical abilities that make your character unique. You also can connect the mana flowing through you to items that are special to your character and imbue them with enhancements that help your character shine. The ways you use the magic that flows through you are only limited by your imagination.

Unique Creatures

The land of Toral is home to over 100 unique creatures with amazing abilities, special characteristics, and new challenges. Each has its own secrets to uncover and amazing histories that become powerful parts of the story you are creating with your party. You choose the way you interact with the beasts of Toral and what you discover.

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