Gen Con and Jimnars. Updates from the world of Rupture.

Hello Rupturians!

This is Kenny (aka PineappleWolf), the Lead Designer and BeastMaster of Toral. Our new blog is up and running, and you will likely see Shaun’s (aka DruidLox) test post on Alignment somewhere nearby. So how this blog works is that each day of the week a different member of our team will be running a different type of blog theme. Mine is updates for Rupture. Every Thursday I will be updating everyone on where the team is at, what is going on with events, art, game progress, Kickstart progress, and whatever else I can think of that you all would probably like to know. So welcome to our blog, and keep an eye out everyday for our posts!


This week’s art updates: we have sketches of our Fairy and Dwarf species, looking awesome!

And we have the final version of our Jimnar!


We are getting the last few pieces together and submitting our final forms, but it looks like Rupture is going to Gen Con! We are super excited to be setting up over there to run games for people who are interested in trying out our system live. We will be running 3 tables over 4 days with various Narrators rotating out and telling their own unique stories with the Rupture World. Come find us if you will be attending Gen Con!


We have also set up a prize for all the early adopters who are showing their support before we release on Kickstart. We have a couple of exclusive classes and a unique adventure involving those classes set to release to anyone who signs up for our email list before the Kickstart…. starts… Anyway, if you somehow made it this far without signing up, go do so! You will get unique and exclusive rewards for free!

Game Design

We are so excited to be coming to the completion of our playtest. While the playtesters themselves will hopefully keep having fun with our system and exploring the content and mechanics the Design team has pulled out the industrial buffing tools and are getting everything shined to a mirror polish. We just took a hard look at the Species special abilities post test, and made a few major adjustments. We spent some time today looking more closely at the spells and tweaked here or there. The search light is moving to classes to make sure they are balanced and interesting for everyone.

Final Thoughts

While I would love to tell everyone everything we have going on, that would ruin the fun and the surprises. We have a few more projects and rewards in the works over the next few weeks. Our advertising campaign just started in earnest yesterday, so if you are browsing Facebook and see a Rupture add stand up and cheer (or at least give a pleasant smile to your device).

Throughout this project we are also meeting new people and groups pushing the TTRPG boundaries and shaking up the industry. I hope that we can tell you how we collaborated or found a way to work with certain groups, but we have to make sure these things are actually working before I am allowed to blab about it here on our forum. Keep your eyes peeled though, we always love to adventure.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and spending some time with us!

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